Soil Conservation:-

Erosion is the removal of soil particles by the motion of wind or water. Soil erosion is one of the major concerns of modern agriculture through the world. Erosion causes decline in soil fertility, water supply and crop yields. Thus it affects the productivity of the land which decreases the production of food, feed, fiber and fuel, and also causes flood, silting up of water reservoirs, disruption of communication systems.

Soil Conservation being the important wing of the Agriculture department is engage not only to protect the valuable agriculture land from the erosion problems but also to bring more land under cultivation and to combat water scarcity by effective utilization of rain and flood water through water harvesting technology and low cost conservation structures like Retaining wall, Protection Bund, Spur, Water Storage reservoirs, Spillway, Water Inlet/Outlet, Check dam.


Organization Structure at District level:-









Fund Allocation for the Current Financial Year 2015-16:-

S.No Funding Agency Project Name & No Total Cost (In Million)
1 District Government Non-Developmental 1.3
2 -do- District ADP
3 Provincial Government Gully Plugging through check dam ADP No 43 1.25
4 -do- Water Storage Reservoir ADP No 42 0.6


Achievements during the Financial Year 2014-15:-

Nature of Works                                                                         Funding Agency
District Government Provincial Government
Non Development Non ADP ADP #42 ADP#44
No T.Cost (M) Area Reclaimed (Hectares) No T.Cost



Area Reclaimed (Hectares) No T.Cost (M)


Area Reclaimed (Hectares) No T.Cost



Area Reclaimed (Hectares)
G.I.Wire Netting Spur 1.3 30 1 6.94 36 3.6 18 1 3.3 15
Cemented Spur 3 3
Cemented P/Bund 6 4 1
Cemented Check dam 2 4 4
Cemented Water Pond 3 2 5
Inlet/outlet 5 2 2
Spillway 1 2
Rain Water Facility 2
Total 19 1.3 30 17 6.94 36 6 3.6 18 11 3.3 15









Conservation Structures constructed at different location in the District

Check Dam for Gully Plugging



Cemented Water Pond for rain/flood water harvesting




























G.I.Wire Netting Spur for the protection of agriculture land


Rain Water Facility (Earthen Pond) for rain/flood water harvesting

















Field Water Inlet/Outlet for the safe disposal of excess water from the field












Retaining Wall for the protection of agriculture land

Protection Bund for the protection of agriculture land


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