The Bhittani area is situated on the western side of the District Lakki Marwat, was a part of FR, Bannu. On creation of District Lakki Marwat on 01.7.1992, they came under the Revenue Jurisdiction of District Lakki Marwat but for Political affairs, they remained under the control of Deputy Commissioner, Bannu.

On their persistence demand, the Bhittani area was separated from FR Bannu on 01.7.1996 and FR Lakki was created as independent unit.


FR Lakki is located on the boundary of District Lakki Marwat. FR Tank is on its southern side, SWA and NWA are on its western sides. FR Bannu is situated on its northern side.

Area 250 Square KMs
Total cultivated area 6000 Acres (Approximately)
Crops Wheat, Maize, Onion, Tomato.
Population According to census 1981 = 16129
According to census 1998 = 6955
Present population = 100000 (approximately)
Registered voters 9939



Since ages the security situation of FR Lakki was calm and cool. However it is pertinent to mention that FR Lakki has boundaries with FR Tank on the western side and FR Bannu on the Northern side. In FR Tank Militants activities are at peak and from time to time these elements carry out their activities in FR Lakki area of Shadi Khel and Pa Khel.

It is also pertinent to mention that there are no local groups of militants in FR Lakki. However these groups have informers and facilitators in said area.


A part from our Khassadars piquets which have been established at various points in FR area, we have 250 levies personnels and 200 Khassadars. 120 levies personals have completed 03 months training on 26th March 2013 at Khushal Scouts Amandzai Tank but till date no arms and ammunitions have been provided. Army has also been deployed on the boundary of FR Lakki and District Lakki Marwat.


S.No. Name of village No of houses (approx)
1. Sawan 48
2. Sra Oba 70
3. Nari 30
4. Surdag 350
5. Juma Khan Adda 250
6. Landi Adam Khan 800
7. Nar Azad Khel 600
8. Jabri 350
9. Ayub Khel 20
10. Farid Khel 140
11. Madi Khel 30
12. Guli Khel 70
13. Ghundi Hussain Khel 50
14. Ghaza Khel 50
15. Shadi Khel 800
16. Rami Khel 30
17. Sargarah Muhammad Khan 100
18. Masti Khel 120
19. Bhaigan 60
20. Quetta Khawa 100
21. Tooragh Zai 60
22. Shewak Koroona 20
23. Maweez Kachkai 30
24. Kara Khel Shadi Khel 30
25. Chiga Lar 80
26. Mangara 40
27. Ping 20
28. Gaz Boba 50
29. Ping Azad Khel 40
30. Paro Ali Khel 140
31. Shin Kach 20
32. Rasool Khel 60


S.No Main tribe Sub Sections
1 Shadi Khel 1.Datu Khel

2.Makhal Khel

3.Kara Khel

4.Sabak Khel

2 Ali Khel
  1. Dray Plaray
  2. Siraj Khel
3 Taru Khel
  1. Bakkal Khel
  2. Tajbi Khel
  3. Waray Plarena
  4. Paa Khel
4 Adezai
  1. Ayub Khel
  2. Farid Khel
  3. Guli Khel
  4. Talib Khel
5 Wargarah
  1. Maroof Khel
  2. Mani Khel
  3. Warasan Khel
  4. Khawaji Khel


Name of tribe No of Khassadars Status
Shadi Khel 41 Fill-up
Ali Khel 41 Fill-up
Taru Khel 52 Fill-up
Adezai 42 Fill-up
Wargarah 24 Fill-up
Total 200


S.No Name of Piquet Tribe performing duty Strength
1 Waziri Dakai Shadi Khel 30
2 Chiga Lar Pa Khel Taru Khel 11
3 Quetta Khawa Ali Khel 8
4 Khan Khel Ali Khel (performing duty along with Pak Army) 14
5 Adezai Adezai 18
6 Azad Khel Azad Khel Taru Khel 9
7 Tajbi Khel Tajbi Khel Taru Khel (performing duty along with Pak Army) 12
8 Surdag Wergarah 18


Malki allowance Lungi Allowance Total No of Malki/Lungi Allowance


High Schools Middle Schools Primary Schools Total
Male Female Male Female Male Female
02 06 04 33 36 81
Maktab Schools Community Schools
Male Female Male Female
02 02 13 17
Total 98


No of BHU

No of CHC

No of CD







No of tube wells Total
Public Health Engg: Irrigation
17 03 20


Total No of Veterinary Dispensaries/A,I Centers = 20


S.No Name of Scheme/Road Length
1 Tajori – Gabbar Road 33 KM (24 KM Mettalled & 09 KM un-mettalled.
Under construction roads
2 BT of Wara Tara Link Road from Tajori Gabbar road 5-KM (Completed)
3 Jani Khel to Bragi Malagan via Khan Khel 20-KM (Under construction)


S.No. Name of Scheme Venue
1 Tehsil Building Masti Khel
2 Rest House Tatti Palosa Shadi Khel



The area situated on the boundary line of District Lakki Marwat and FR Lakki is called “Defacto”. The area is populated by Bhittani people mostly since long time and sufficient developments schemes have been carried out by federal government. Now the government has banned developmental schemes in the said area since 2010 vide letter .

After the advent of British government, in mid 19th century the 1st settlement took place in 1878 wherein the present de-facto area was stated to be owned by Bhittani from the time of their forefathers, meaning thereby that Bhittani are owners of this area since centuries. Though a part of their land was recorded in the revenue record but it did not debar them from the umbrella of their tribal rights. Maliks from the so called de-facto area were made by the British Government on political grounds.

In this way people from the same areas were fined and arrested under section FCR regarding collective and territorial responsibilities. The punishment and responsibility was willing accepted by the people of de-facto area because they were equally getting all the perks and privileges of the tribal area and that is how system going smooth and successful.

It is also fact that the said areas that are to be considered as de-facto are the adjoining areas of FR Lakki and all the people living here are Bhittani.

The following villages are located in de-facto area.

  1. Sra Ghundi Khan Khel
  2. Ratanzai
  3. Masti Khel
  4. Haji Gulo Koroona
  5. Tilla Muhammad Koroona
  6. Farid Khel
  7. Guli Khel
  8. Kotka Amand Azad Khel
  9. Karkani Tajbi Khel
  10. Soordag Wargarah
  11. Titaki Bhaigan
  12. Kotka Rapatak
  13. Darak Pa Khel
  14. Ghaza Khel
  15. Sarfarazi Khel
  16. Sargarah Muhammad Khan
  17. Madi Khel
  18. Nar Azad Khel
  19. Landi Adam Khan Tajbi Khel
  20. Juma Khan Adda Wargarah
  21. Jabarai Manday Khel
  22. Wrasan Khel



S/No Name of Malik/Elder    Tribe Contact No.
1 Malik Qadar Khan Shadi Khel 0346-9502795
2 Malik Dilbar shah  -Do- 0313-5119394
3 Malik Zaitullah      -Do- 0302-5767521
4 Malik Zahur Din    -Do- 0343-9331910
5 Malik Gul Adat    -Do- 0304-4052734
6 Malik Lal Khan    -Do- 0969-700814
7 Malik Haji Mir Baz Pa Khel Taru Khel 0346-2639626
8 Malik Sher Afzal Khan Pa Khel      -Do- 0301-8073312
9 Malik Awal Khan Tajbi Khel      -Do- 0345-4797139
10 Malik Amal Jan Pa Khel      -Do- 0346-5679274
11 Malik Sherabat Tajbi Khel      -Do- 0345-9771316
12 Malik Hussain Azad Khel      -Do- 0346-9503413
13 Malik Kamal Shah Pa Khel      -Do- 0343-9335312
14 Malik Mirzali Rami Khel      -Do- 0344-9025017
15 Malik Muhammad Ayaz Awat Khel      -Do- 0342-9334233
16 Malik Dotaj Hussain Khel Ali Khel 0343-0266014
17 Malik Muhammad Khan Hussain Khel      -Do- 0343-0266014
18 Malik Abdur Rehman Madi Khel      -Do- 0345-9780183
19 Malik Mured Saraj Khel        -Do- O343-8868998
20 Malik Gulab Seraj Khel        -Do- 0347-984l5987
21 Malik Karim Khan Masti Khel        -do- 0344-8286582
22 Malik Gul Nawaz Hussain Khel      -do 0341-1947638
23 Malik Aazal Shah Khan Khel        -Do- 0344-2571073
24 Malik Afzal Farid Khel Farid Khel      Adezai 0346-9787331
25 Malik Hidayat Ullah Talib Khel        -Do- 0345-8037859
26 Malik Mir Khajan Guli Khel        -Do- 0342-9771572
27 Malik Saifullah Talib Khel        -Do- 0346-2726311
28 Malik Sharif Maroof Khel Wargara 0344-2912714
29 Malik Akhto Jan        -Do-            –

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