• 1199

    Calligraphy ( خطاطی) Competition held in Lakki Marwat.

  • 1219

    Khuli Kacheri was held at Lakki Town Hall.

  • 1168

    D.C LM inspected various shops to ensure price & quality in Entire District.

  • 1125

    D.C paid surprise visit to various areas of District Lakki Marwat. Also checked out the Municipal Services.

  • 1097

    Inauguration Ceremony of " Logo & Trophy " of U-23 KP Youth Games 2016-17 at Bannu.

  • 1126

    D.C Inspected the new under-construction record room of District Lakki Marwat.

  • 1118

    District Administration Inspections.

  • 802

    International Women Day By WFP.

  • 807

    World Forest Day Walk in Lakki Marwat.

  • 860

    DC Visit To BHU Abdul Khel.

  • 861

    DC Visit to Abdul Khel School .

  • 938

    DC Visit to RHC Gambila.

  • 970

    Polio Campaign in Chuhar Khel,Bahu Khel under the Supervision of D.C Lakki Marwat.


Muhammad Bakhtiar Khan

Deputy Commissioner Lakki Marwat

Deputy Commissioner Message

Accountable government policies and effective public participation guarantees the development of a nation. Knowledge of the rights and duties ensures better services delivery at the gross-root level. The success of the plans and policies and the availability of the public and social services rest upon the effective coordination among the government functionaries, public representative and the masses at large.
District Administration is committed to make government a service to the citizen, taking all steps for the prosperity and development of the district. Making government machinery more responsive to the public needs and aspiration has been objective of the Administration.

District Nazim Message


I am thankful to all the people of District Lakki Marwat who have confident on me and elected and selected me as District Nazim.I will use my all the energies for the benefit of general public and provide all sorts of facilites/services as per available resources. Provision of Health and Education facilites to the general public is my top priority.However, as per Section 13 of the Local Government Act, 2013, I request to all the devolved department to discharge their duties in their framework and exercise control in operation, management of offices of the deparmtents in the district so that easy justice and serivces is provided to the people of the district.

Ishfaq Ahmed Khan

A Short History of Lakki Marwat

Lakki Marwat (Pashto/Urdu: لکی مروت) is one of the Southern Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. It was created as an administrative district on July 1, 1992, prior to which it was a Tehsil of Bannu District.
Lakki was first called by the name of “Thal Daman”, which means an open sandy plain. The first evidence of civilization in the plains of Thal Daman and the spread of Islam in Bannu is indicated by the graves of Ashaab on the left bank of the Kurram River.There are different Stories about the name of Lakki Marwat.
One story says that long ago a battel was fought between the Marwat tribe and Wazir and Marwat tribe started to unite an army. The army was huge enough that people say almost 1 Lac Marwat. Then the word “Lac” become Lakki therefore, it is called Lakki Marwat.
Third theory about lakki marwat:
In Afghanistan a tribe was living in about 1556 the name of the tribe is marwat tribe,during the Akbar-e-Azam Lord time about 1556-1605
Another story links this name to one Lakki Ram or Lukko Ram, a Hindu trader who is considered to be the original founder of this town. Yet another source claims that the town was initially known as Ihsan Pur.
The second part of the District’s name comes from the warrior tribe of Marwat who has inhabited the entire area for several centuries.
Lakki derives from Pali language which is equivalent of Laksmi, goddess of beauty and fortune. The last part of its name is emarta’watta means source of elixir. Over time it changed to Marwat. It is a metaphor for the Gambila River.

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